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put your cashflow on autopilot.

QuickClaim facilitates instant NDIS claiming, reconciliation and error management using NDIA’s own technology. It’s like HiCaps for NDIS. Save time and money and increase your cashflow.

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The team at Nextt, our longest-running customers, talk about how quickclaim has saved them both time and money.

instant NDIS API integration.

Our NDIS API integration lets you invoice and claim direct to NDIA, manage errors, and update participant information all in real time without having to log into PRODA or use a single spreadsheet.

Find out how.
get paid before you get home.

Use our app to instantly claim payment for an NDIS service, or charge NDIS participants for ad hoc transport. Find out more here and Book a demo today.

easy to use web app.
The quickclaim interface is simple and easy to use - a pretty face hiding a powerful brain. With one simple login you can access quickclaim seamlessly across all of your devices, with no downloads or delays. Click here to book a demo.
we work with your existing systems.

There is no need to change CRMs, set up new systems, move your data or retrain your staff. We are ISO certified so your data is safe and secure. Click here to book a demo.

quickclaim is already integrated.
Our solution has been built to work with some of the largest software platforms. With a simple setup QuickClaim can work with any CRM and finance software you currently use. Book a demo today.
NDIS claiming is a problem.
missing money

The annual NDIS budget has an underspend of about 30% every year and in 2018-19 alone, disability providers missed payments of more than $1b for services they delivered.

constant claiming

Manual processing of NDIS claims is slow, inaccurate and time consuming and, on average, costs a business the equivalent of one full time salary.

real-time reporting

Manually moving data creates bottlenecks in both cashflow and operations while disability organisations need real-time information about their NDIS cashflow.

quickclaim is the solution.
money managing

quickclaim manages and reconciles your data so that nothing is missed, ensuring that you are paid for all of the services that you have already delivered.

complete claiming

quickclaim automates your NDIS claiming process, allowing you to claim every day (or even every hour) and freeing up your staff to focus on financial management, not admin.

reliable reporting

quickclaim shows you in real-time where your money is and why it may be stuck in the claiming process, letting you speed up cashflow and run your business.

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book a demo.

Do you need more information before you get started? Leave us your details and we’ll be in touch to prepare a demo and free personalised data analysis to show you how much quickclaim could save you in real time.

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safe and secure.

We follow industry best practice to ensure that your data is safe, secure and stored in Australia. We are ISO 27001 aligned and are a proud NDIS Digital Partner so you can relax knowing you are in safe hands with quickclaim.