Empowering care providers with the quickclaim ndis Native API

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (ndis) API enables registered providers to access their own data, in real-time and automated within existing systems. This article explains how to access your data using the quickclaim ndis Native API package.

What is the quickclaim ndis Native API?

The ndis Native API empowers providers to optimise their operations, improve client service delivery, and stay compliant with ndis requirements, ultimately leading to better outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

The ndis Native API is a group of APIs developed and maintained by the National Disability Insurance Agency (ndia). You can access these APIs via the quickclaim network securely and easily.
quickclaim is an official partner of the ndia at the aggregator level and authorised by the ndia to establish a live connection for registered providers who are seeking access to their data.

quickclaim has developed many enhancements on top of the ndis Native API group which are also accessible to you.

Switching from ndis Direct APIs to quickclaim ndis Native API is easy and convenient. You don't need to change your code or logic, just some simple updates. When you sign up with quickclaim, our onboarding team will step you through the process or you can follow the steps outlined in this post: https://quickclaim.io/how-to-connect-to-the-ndis-api-with-quickclaim/

What are the benefits of the quickclaim ndis Native API for care providers?

  1. Integration with existing systems: The quickclaim ndis native API allows providers to integrate ndis functionality directly into their existing software systems, such as client management systems or billing platforms. This integration streamlines processes and eliminates the need for manual data entry or duplicate systems.

  2. Automation of tasks: Providers can automate various tasks and workflows using the API, such as submitting claims, updating client information, or retrieving payment status. This automation reduces manual workload and minimises the potential for errors, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

  3. Real-time data access: The API provides access to real-time ndis data, such as client plans, funding information, and service requests. Providers can retrieve up-to-date information instantly, allowing them to make informed decisions and respond promptly to client needs.

  4. Customisation and flexibility: Providers can customise their use of the API to suit their specific needs and workflows. They can choose which functionalities to integrate and how to incorporate them into their systems, providing flexibility and scalability as their business grows.

  5. Enhanced reporting and analytics: The API enables providers to access detailed data on their ndis activities, such as service usage, funding allocations, and outcomes achieved. This data can be used for reporting, analysis, and performance tracking, helping providers optimise their services and demonstrate impact to stakeholders.

  6. Improved client experience: By leveraging the API to streamline processes and access real-time information, providers can enhance the overall client experience. Clients receive more efficient and responsive service, leading to increased satisfaction and better outcomes.

  7. Compliance and security: The API is designed to comply with ndis regulations and standards for data security and privacy. Providers can trust that their data is handled securely and in accordance with industry best practices, minimising the risk of compliance issues or data breaches.

Information for developers

To access quickclaim API, check this article: https://api-docs.quickclaim.io/ 

Available APIs under the ndis-native-api package

  • Service Bookings (4.0)(1 API included)
  • Service Bookings (3.0)(2 APIs included)
  • Payment Request (3.0)(1 API included)
  • Budget (3.0)(1 API included)
  • Interactions (3.0)(1 API included)
  • Reference Data (3.0)(2 APIs included)
  • Notifications (3.0)(1 API included)
  • Quotations (3.0)(1 API included)

How to get onboarded with the ndis API

Follow the below steps to create and activate your account:

  1. Create an account on https://app.quickclaim.io
  2. Connect your account to PRODA using this article: https://wiki.quickclaim.io/knowledge/connect-to-ndis-api
  3. Navigate to https://app.quickclaim.io/app/integration
    and write down your org-id and x-api-key from this page. You need these credentials in all the API calls for authentication.

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