improve your cash flow by making ndis claims really easy 

With an intuitive interface and automated claims workflows, quickclaim makes managing your ndis cashflow much more efficient, eliminating spreadsheets and minimising human error.

  • Quickly edit, delete, or create agency-managed claims in the quickclaim app
  • Get an instant overview of total claims and values
  • Easily track and drill down into specific details like participants, times, and products

Claims are swiftly processed through PRODA or PACE, with success notifications within an hour.

If a claim is rejected you can quickly and easily recover it with the Claims Recovery module, identify and fix issues, then resubmit or reject the claim - all within the app.

Keep track of the changes you’re making by taking notes in the handy “notes” column. By connecting quickclaim to your CRM, your notes will be synced there too, leaving a handy audit trail.

Monitor successful claims and errors and easily rectify issues like erroneous invoices. You can effortlessly review your claim batch history and view, analyse, and download detailed data presented in clean and easy-to-understand reports.

Using quickclaim to manage ndis claims offers several advantages for care providers:

  1. Efficiency: quickclaim streamlines the process of submitting, tracking, and managing claims. This can significantly reduce administrative burden and time spent on paperwork, allowing care providers to focus more on delivering quality services to their clients.

  2. Accuracy: Using the ndia's APIs directly allows for automated data entry and validation, reducing the likelihood of errors in claim submissions. Improved accuracy can help prevent delays in claim processing and ensure that care providers receive proper reimbursement for the services they provide.

  3. Faster Reimbursement: quickclaim can accelerate the reimbursement process by automating claim submission and processing. This means that care providers receive payments more quickly, improving cash flow and financial stability for their organisations.

  4. Visibility and Transparency: quickclaim offers real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, providing care providers with greater visibility into the status of their claims. This transparency allows for better financial planning and decision-making.

  5. Compliance: quickclaim comes equipped with features designed to help care providers stay compliant with relevant regulations and guidelines. This can reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties and ensure that claims are submitted correctly the first time.

  6. Improved Communication: by connecting to the ndia's notification APIs, quickclaim creates a real-time pathway between care providers, clients, and NDIS agencies. Enhanced communication can lead to smoother claim processing and better coordination of care services.

  7. Integration with existing systems: quickclaim can be seamlessly integrated other systems such as Care Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Systems (CRM) or your billing systems further streamlining operations and reducing duplication of effort. See integrations for more detail.

  8. Cost Savings: By automating and optimising the claims management process, care providers can reduce overhead costs associated with manual paperwork, data entry and claim tracking. This can result in significant cost savings over time.

Overall, implementing quickclaim for managing ndis claims can help care providers improve operational efficiency, enhance financial performance, and deliver better outcomes for their clients.

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