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take control of your NDIS funding.

Manage your NDIS plan budget and payments with the qc.card app. Ensure your NDIS spending is safe, validated and secure with the very first NDIS payment card.

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take control with our qc.card features
NDIS payment card

With the very first NDIS payment card available on the market, you can make sure that your payments are secure and verified. Prevent providers from claiming against your NDIS budget without your consent.

secure sharing

Protect your personal information with our secure technology. You no longer need to share your sensitive information directly with providers, instead they can scan your card or app to access only the information that you allow them to see.

control your data

You can now decide which providers have access to your plan budget with the simple press of a button. Manage who can automatically claim against your NDIS budget with easy approvals.

track payments

Keep track of your NDIS plan spending while on the go. Easily and quickly access your important payment information and make sure you stay on top of your budget management.

get notifications

Stay informed about your NDIS budget and spending with access to your plan statements. Instant notifications from your planner and providers remind you to view and approve your invoices.

stay safe

Our first priority is keeping you and your data safe, so we’ve taken every precaution to keep your information secure. We are a digital partner of the NDIS, adhering to their rigorous security standards, as well as achieving alignment with ISO 27001.