quickclaim now powers Dynamics 365 NDIS for real-time billing

See how quickclaim and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for NDIS come together to create simple workflows for your end-to-end processes, saving you time and money.

quickclaim now powers Dynamics 365 for NDIS to simplify billing and claiming, speeding up your cashflow.

Dynamics 365 supports everything in the NDIS process, from waitlist to claiming, rostering, document management and PRODA/PACE API integration powered by quickclaim.

It’s how you simplify the end-to-end process, cutting down errors, making reconciliation easier and getting paid faster.

Access to all your NDIS data in one secure place

With the integration of quickclaim, you can now power your billing and claiming in real-time via NDIS APIs. What does that mean? You have access to all your NDIS data quickly and conveniently all in one place. No need to access PRODA or PACE, just one click and all your data is at your fingertips.

With quickclaim you can track your billing, check where any payment is at any point in time, manage errors and generate business insights to see where you can gain efficiencies and improvements.

quickclaim and Dynamics 365 for NDIS meet the most stringent security requirements, being ISO 27001 compliant. quickclaim is also an official Digital Partner of the NDIS meaning the highest security standards have been implemented.

Consider some of the benefits

  • Eliminate manual data entry by capturing timesheets, expenses, budgets and claims electronically
  • Streamline workflows by automatically checking duplicates, validating budgets/timesheets, routing services and simplifying scheduling and rostering with Microsoft Power Automate
  • Save documents in Microsoft SharePoint for fast search and retrieval
  • More accurately forecast and manage cashflow with analytics and reports from Business Central and Microsoft Power BI
  • No messy integration with ERP and accounting systems – HR and payroll are built directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for NDIS and Business Central
  • Easily create reports and dashboards that provide great visibility across the entire client and finance lifecycle

Take the next step

If you want to find out more about how quickclaim and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for NDIS can support your NDIS business, contact quickclaim on 1300 311 780 and speak to one of our consultants or visit our contact us page to arrange for an obligation-free demo.

A special invitation

Save the date! We're running an introductory 45 minute webinar to demonstrate the power of quickclaim and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for NDIS on June 26, 2024 at 12pm. Join Ricky Cho from quickclaim and David Blumenthal from d365 global as they run through the end-to-end process, from onboarding to billing, and demonstrate how a complex process can be made simple.