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put your cash flow on autopilot.

NDIS claiming and service booking management is time consuming, tedious and troublesome. Automate your claiming with quickclaim and put your cash flow on autopilot.

end-to-end claiming management.
The quickclaim software is a complete end-to-end management system that allows you to easily and efficiently manage your entire NDIS claiming process - from checking participant plans, creating servicing booking and processing NDIS claims - so you can spend more time delivering vital services.
key features.
manage your participants

Easily manage all of your NDIS participants - add, edit and search all of your participants in one place. You can also view live plan details and then export data for input into other systems.

view your service bookings

View all service booking data across your organisation including information on support categories, budgets, time remaining and more.

create new service bookings

With the quickclaim NDIS API integration, you can create service bookings quickly and easily within our system. You can also access live NDIS Pricing to set the correct rates for your service bookings.

get a 360° view of participant

Keep complete oversight with a 360° view of each and every individual participant, including their live NDIS plans, valid service bookings and claiming history.

Get started with quickclaim TODAY.

It is completely free to get started with quickclaim and start accessing all of these features - with no risk. Get connected to the your live NDIS data and take control of your claiming today.

instant claiming while on-the-go.

We have created the very first instant claiming app - the app. Our app allows you to check participant plans, check service bookings and pay instantly claims, no matter where you are in the world. Try it for yourself today.